Our featured salon of the month offering VOESH.

Lunula Nail Spa

Featured in October 2017

Voesh is truly an industry pioneer to offer individual mani/pedi treatment package which provides the freshness of the treatment products and utmost hygiene spa experience for my customers. Any customer comes to my spa receives Voesh 3-steps waterless manicure treatment,4-steps or 6-steps pedicure treatment which they love. We offer Voesh collagen gloves and collagen socks; the two innovative substitute products to the traditional mani/pedi to achieve a better result for my customers.

Tiffany Mo


SALON NAME : Lunula Nail Spa
LOCATION : 401 Primrose Road, Suite B, Burlingame, California 94010, United States
OPENED : 2017
SPECIALTY : Mani/Pedi, Nail Art
PHONE : 650 2277 843